9 Ways to Improve Your Follow-up Email and Get Job You Want

What is a follow-up email? In a few words, that is a short notice reminding the recipient about yourself. It usually shows your recipients that you are putting in a little more effort than everybody else. Of course, it will interest your addressee and will less likely make them ignore your message. Some people wait to answer until they receive a follow-up email on purpose. It is because they tend to talk only to those who care. Continue reading "9 Ways to Improve Your Follow-up Email and Get Job You Want"

How to Reach Clients With a Proper Email Signature?

How often have you sent your letters to hundreds of recipients with certainty that all of them belong to your target audience? Every time after dispatch you were sure that the sales rate would increase rapidly or your website would gain more popularity, weren’t you? And how many times after that have you got little or zero response? You may wonder what the reason for that is. You’ve spent a lot of time creating a letter; you think that you’ve included every significant detail, but the effect still doesn’t satisfy you. The answer is obvious – you simply haven’t caught your recipients’ attention. The letter hasn’t interested your potential client and has been ignored. It should be a red signal for you and your company: you have to change something in your strategy within the shortest possible time and pay attention to the part you may have been missing before. Continue reading "How to Reach Clients With a Proper Email Signature?"

6 Ways to Screw Up Your Email Signature

A lot has been said about how a proper professional and hyper-attractive email should look like. But what if you have some annoying clients you don’t want to deal with? Or maybe there are some lame customers who keep sending you a lot of spam, and you’ve lost your temper? Get rid of them! If you feel sarcastic, or want to add humor to your correspondence, or you are willing to scare potential customers and reduce their interest to your company, you will find here exactly what you’ve been searching. So you want to screw up your email? Screw up your signature first! Here is how to do it. Continue reading "6 Ways to Screw Up Your Email Signature"

12 Tips for Creating a Compelling Email Signature

Email correspondence is an inevitable part of every business. Both the beginning and the closure of each electronic letter play a significant role in the formation of successful business relationships between partners, producers, and customers. It creates the first impression for the recipient. Being positive, it influences your business correspondingly and creates a good network of potential clients. Taking this into account, a person should devote some time to a proper thinking while creating an email signature. It will also save your time in your everyday life. Continue reading "12 Tips for Creating a Compelling Email Signature"

8 Best Alternatives to Outlook in 2017

It is not new for everyone what Outlook is. It is a standard Personal Information Manager (PIM), and the most popular one, both for home and business users. Being chargeable, it still occupies one of the top positions in rating. Still, one can consider the alternatives. They are numerous, and they are free. The last point is especially valuable for small companies and freelancers, who cannot, or don’t want to, pay for e-mail clients like Outlook. By the way, it was initially intended for large businesses. Below you may find the compiled list of some email applications that could easily replace Microsoft Outlook in 2017. Continue reading "8 Best Alternatives to Outlook in 2017"

8 Reason Why Should You Sign Your Email Properly

email signature
An email signature is a several-line text at the end of your email correspondence. You may think it’s a little thing, while the topic of your letter is the most important part. However, when it comes to business correspondence, you should be meticulous in little things. Professionally signed letters help you to grow your business. A signature for email is one of the necessary tools to increase one’s reputation as a successful businessperson. It is the last thing the recipient reads, so it is usually considered to be a motivating conclusion of your self-presentation. It could be a disappointing one as well if created unprofessionally. Continue reading "8 Reason Why Should You Sign Your Email Properly"

How to Create a Damn Good Email Signature For Your Mac?

email signature for mac
Netiquette is vital in modern society, particularly in business. Not being able to talk to the sender in person, the receiver usually creates his or her first impression judging by the text and its look. And when we speak of business and potential customers, the first impression cannot be underestimated. The topic of the letter, style of the text, the structure of your email – everything is important to attract the client’s attention. No less important is the personal signature in the email. Continue reading "How to Create a Damn Good Email Signature For Your Mac?"