MySignature: a hassle-free email signature generator for Outlook

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MySignature: a hassle-free email signature generator for OutlookMySignature: a hassle-free email signature generator for Outlook

How to create a professional Outlook email signature for everyday communication?

To enrich your daily communication with colleagues, promote your services or products, and build trust with your customers, you need to create an arresting Outlook email signature that will reflect your overall culture and business positioning.

MySignature is a handy tool for generating distinctive email signatures with ease.

  1. Sign Up for MySignature and go to Dashboard;
  2. Click the New signature and add necessary information;
  3. Configure all other settings (add an image, disclaimer, social media icons);
  4. Create a new email in your Outlook;
  5. Select Signatures in the Massage tab and add a new signature;
  6. Paste it into the Signature box;
  7. Tap Keep Source Formatting on the pop-up that appears, click OK.

*to preserve correct email signature formatting, use the Chrome or Mozilla browser when copying a signature to the clipboard


What is the best Microsoft Outlook email signature creator?

While there are a lot of available email signature generators, none of them can provide you with such benefits as MySignature does.

MySignature is compatible with top email clients, including Microsoft Outlook.

It is an easy and time-saving tool that can suit both your personal and business needs.

How to choose Microsoft Outlook email signature templates?

With MySignature, you can not only generate a distinctive signature for Outlook but also design it with a professional template.

Make your email signature look appealing and promote your brand effectively.

How to change Outlook email signature on Mac?

The process of creating an email signature on Mac and Windows is not the same.

While it can’t be put in short, scroll up and read a detailed guide.

How to create Outlook email signature with a logo?

Simply go to the Images tab in the email signature editor.

Upload your company logo, adjust its shape, size and width.

Preview your email signature before pasting it into the Outlook account.

How to customize Outlook email signature?

Due to an intuitive MySignature editor, you can seamlessly customize your Outlook email signature.

Set the email signature text color/font/family, and decide on the background color.

Choose one of the templates that are available in MySignature.

Spend just a few minutes of your time and you’ll get a custom signature for your Outlook.

Can I generate Outlook email signature with social media icons?

Yes. Add any social media icon you want.

Even if you can’t find a necessary one in the editor, contact us and our specialists will do their best to provide you with an appropriate icon, on condition that they have its image in an SVG format.

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