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Generate a professional Gmail signature with MySignatureGenerate a professional Gmail signature with MySignature

How to create an email signature for Gmail?

Quickly create a distinctive email signature for your Gmail. Turn tedious email correspondence into an effective communication with customers, partners, and colleagues.

  1. Sign Up with an email, or just use your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google account to log in to MySignature;
  2. Click the New signature button in your Dashboard;
  3. Fill in all necessary information; add a logo, banner, any social media icons; insert a disclaimer; set the font, style, color, and size of the email signature text;
  4. Select the template, preview the email signature you’ve just created, and click the Finish button;
  5. Once the Gmail signature is ready, click on Copy to clipboard*;
  6. Now, go to your Gmail and open Settings in the top right corner;
  7. Search for a signature section and paste your email signature into that field;
  8. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the Settings page.

Test an email signature for Gmail by sending a sample email to your own address.

*to preserve correct email signature formatting, use the Chrome or Mozilla browser when copying a signature to the clipboard


How to create an email signature in Gmail?

With MySignature, you can easily create and design a professional email signature for Gmail.

Simply provide all necessary data and configure required settings. Then choose a template.

Thus, you’ll have a skillfully designed email signature without any coding knowledge.

What is the best email signature tool for Gmail?

While there are so many available email signature generators, they all can’t offer you the same benefits that MySignature does.

It is an easy-to-use email signature generator that helps you create a perfect Gmail signature just in minutes.

No need to install any plugins or download any software.

How to generate an email signature in Gmail with an image?

MySignature allows you to embed a logo of your brand or a banner to promote your services or products.

Easily upload the image and adjust its shape and size in the editor.

Can I create a free email signature for Gmail?

Yes, sure. With MySignature, you can easily generate a free Gmail signature for your everyday personal usage.

Just sign up and follow the instructions above.

Can I create Gmail signatures for all members of my team?

Definitely. Think over the number of email signatures you need for your team and select the most appropriate business plan on our website.

We have 25, 50, 75 and 100 Gmail signature packages of your choice.

How to choose an email signature format for Gmail?

MySignature provides you with a vast variety of email signature templates.

Choose the format that best suits your business needs and insert a ready email signature into your Gmail.

Can I add social media icons to my Gmail signature?

Yes. While generating your email signature with MySignature, you can easily choose to insert any social media icon.

Even if you can’t find the icon you need, just contact us and our specialists will help you create your custom one.

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