Community Standards

Last modified on: 18th of March 2024

We are constantly trying to ensure that MySignature remains a reliable platform for its users. That is why we have established the Community Standards that complement our Terms of Use. These Community Standards outline the acceptable and unacceptable behaviors using MySignature Services, aiming to enhance the safety of both you and your audience.

Please adhere to these Community Standards when setting up a MySignature profile and using our services and extensions, such as MyPage. The laws of the jurisdiction where you are located may prevail over our Community Standards, so please ensure that your actions are in compliance with the laws of your region.

I. Illegal goods and services

Our Community Standards explicitly forbid involvement in illegal activities, including but not limited to buying, selling, exchanging, advertising, or facilitating the sales of illegal goods and services while using the Services. Please review the list below to understand what is explicitly prohibited:

  • Weapon;
  • Goods containing drugs, nicotine, and alcohol;
  • Human trafficking or offering of human body parts;
  • Pharmaceuticals;
  • Gambling;
  • Counterfeit goods or documents;
  • Toxic, hazardous, or radioactive substances;
  • Financial schemes with signs of pyramid schemes;
  • Stolen items.

II. Sexual and explicit content

The Services are used by people of all ages, including minors. That's why you cannot:

  • Advertise full-service sex work;
  • Upload sexual content, including nudity, to your MySignature profile and embed adult content that is displayed directly on your links, avatar, background, etc.;
  • Create links to the adult content or the content sexualizing minors in any way.

III. Harassment & bullying

We do not intend to restrict freedom of speech, freedom of expression, humor or satire. Meanwhile in MySignature, we aim to provide an atmosphere of healthy communication that is free from bullying and harassment. Find what is prohibited below:

  • Calls to humiliate someone and humiliating behavior;
  • Wishing harm upon someone;
  • Violation of privacy;
  • Sexual harassment;
  • Excessively explicit vocabulary.

IV. Violent content

Our Community Standards prohibit engaging in or encouraging violence while using our Services. Find what is prohibited below:

  • Graphic violence;
  • Glorification of self-harming behavior;
  • Unjustified depiction of human or animal suffering, bodily fluids, or waste;
  • Glorification of violence;
  • Realistic depiction of violence against humans or animals.

V. False or Deceptive Information

In order to prevent the spread of disinformation, our Community Standards prohibit the dissemination of deliberately false information and/or speculation on this information. Find what is prohibited below:

  • Denial of tragic events and war crimes, for example, the Holocaust or the unjust war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine;
  • Dissemination of potentially dangerous medical theories and practices that contradict mainstream medical science;
  • Spreading false information that can cause public upheaval, violence, and other negative consequences for society;
  • Defamation aimed at false accusations of a person or group of persons;
  • Presenting unobvious information as knowingly true for the purpose of speculation;
  • Misleadingly impersonating other people, brands, or organizations;
  • Dissemination of scam, fraud, and deceptive marketing tactics.

VI. Intellectual property rights infringement

It is prohibited for our users to infringe someone’s intellectual property rights. Our Community Standards do not allow people to use content in a way that infringes on someone else’s intellectual property rights, including copyrights, trademarks, or patents.

If you intend to use someone’s content, you must ensure that your actions fall under the fair use doctrine or other permitted manner of using someone’s content without violation of any intellectual property rights.

VII. Hateful/extremist/terrorist content

Our Community Standards prohibit the dissemination of hateful content, terrorism, and violent extremism anywhere on our Services. Hate speech, which is directed against people on the basis of race, color, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, caste, disability, weight, and propaganda of extremist and terrorist organizations, recruitment of new members to such organizations, and fundraising for such organizations are prohibited.

VIII. Discrimination

You also may not discriminate against individuals or groups, or encourage others to do so directly or indirectly, on the basis of their age, race, perceived race, or ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, Gender, gender identity, religion or religious affiliation or beliefs etc.

IX. Political Content

To maintain a respectful environment, we prohibit the discussion or depiction of certain political content, such as political parties or candidates for the elections, irrespective of the country of origin.

X. Removal of content

MySignature will, when necessary, block or remove content, where we consider that it breaches these Standards or our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy. We may block or remove any content that we consider may put us at legal risk, including material posted in breach of copyright.

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate an account or certain pages on our MyPage Service at our sole discretion, where we consider it necessary or appropriate to do so.

This may occur if you persistently, seriously or willfully ignore these Standards or our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy

XI. Contact Information

If you see something that you think violates the Community Standards, please let us know, using our violation report email: [email protected]

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

Contact email: [email protected]