Creating an email signature in Gmail: Step-by-Step Guide

Gmail is used by 1.5 billion active users, making it the most popular email client today. The convenience, ease of use, and abundance of powerful features make Gmail popular among personal and professional users alike.

But even though Gmail can offer a lot for almost any type of user, many still aren't fully utilizing it. Namely, countless users still don't add an HTML signature to Gmail, even though it takes just a few minutes to set up if you use the right tools.

To help you figure out how to add HTML signature in Gmail and boost your email performance, let's go over the process below.

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Creating an email signature in Gmail: Step-by-Step Guide

Why It's Important to Add a Signature to Gmail
How to Create an Email Signature in Gmail
     Create Your Email Signature on MySignature
     Copy Your Signature
     Go to Your Email Signature in Gmail
     Select When You Want the Signature to Go Out
     Make Sure You Disable Plain Text Mode
Tips for Creating a Professional Email Signature
     Do Away with Outdated Disclaimers
     Omit the Sign-Off

     Explore the Full Range of Features
How to Insert an Image in Your Email Signature in Gmail

      Be Deliberate
How to Set Up Multiple Signatures in Gmail

How to Add Fonts to a Gmail Signature
How to Add a Custom Signature in the Gmail Android App?
Adding a HTML Signature in the Gmail App (iOS)

Why It
's Important to Add a Signature to Gmail

Email signatures are not just professional. They can do wonders for your personal brand and conversions. Here's why they're so important:

  • You can use different signatures to boost your content, promote your marketing campaigns, and get people to book calls without having to do anything manually.

  • With the help of signatures, you can form associations with your brand imagery and the services you provide.

  • Finally, signatures are an easy way to include additional ways to reach you, such as a phone number, web address, or social media platforms.

email signature Gmail

How to Create an Email Signature in Gmail

With just a few steps and about five minutes of your time, you can have a professional Gmail signature that will elevate your future email communications.

Let's go through the step-by-step process below.

1. Create Your Email Signature on MySignature

Before you can add an HTML email signature to your Gmail account, you first need to create it. And the good news is that the MySignature signature editor makes the process easy and convenient. You can take advantage of beautiful signature templates, customize every detail according to your brand, and access powerful professional signature design features from any device.

Begin by choosing a ready-made template. You can also start from scratch if you don't want to use templates. Then, go through the tabs at the top of the page, adding general information you wish to include, such as a job title, company name, a headshot, company logo, social media icons, business contact, and a variety of additional elements you might want to have.

email signature Gmail

Finally, make adjustments to the overall design by choosing the font, font size, colors, layout, icon size, and more. Then, you can save your Gmail signature, and you'll be able to access it in your Dashboard. 

2. Copy Your Signature

To insert the signature into your Gmail account, you must copy it from your MySignature Dashboard. Locate the signature in your Dashboard and click Install to begin the process.

Once you get to the signature installation screen, click on the Gmail icon at the top left of the screen. You can then click Copy to Clipboard near the bottom right corner when using Mozilla or at the bottom left corner when using Chrome.

email signature Gmail mySignature

Don't want to go through these steps? Add the MySignature Chrome Extension, and it will add the signature automatically!

3. Go to Your Email Signature in Gmail 

After grabbing your signature from the MySignature Dashboard, you can head to your Gmail account to add or change an email signature

1. First, click the gear icon at the top right corner and select See All Settings.

2. In the General settings tab, find the Signature section and select Create New. Before you can install a signature, you'll be prompted to name your new Gmail signature.

3. Once you get to the signature window, Right-click on your mouse and select paste, or use the CTRL+V shortcut.

how install email signature in Gmail

4. In this window, you will also have the option of ticking a box so that your signature is inserted before the quoted text.

How to create email signature using MySignature

4. Select When You Want the Signature to Go Out

Your new Gmail signature will now be added to your Gmail account and can be used in any email you prefer. But to make it appear in your emails, you also need to select it in the Signature Defaults section.

There, you can choose whether you want the signature to appear in new emails, replies, or both. This is a helpful feature to consider if you want to use multiple email signatures.

With each additional signature you insert, or when you want to change the signature, you would need to create a new one in MySignature and then repeat the process above.

5. Make Sure You Disable Plain Text Mode

For the signature to appear correctly, your Gmail account must be set to display an HTML email signature. And that requires you to disable Plain Text Mode in your Gmail settings. Otherwise, figuring out how to insert an image in an email signature in Gmail will be impossible.

To do that:

  1. Compose a new email and click on the three dots in the bottom right corner.
  2. There, see if the Plain Text Mode option has a checkmark next to it.
  3. If it does, click on the line to remove it.

Plain Text Mode Gmail emil signature

Useful Tip: If you don't want to copy and paste your email signature to Gmail every time, MySignature offers a more convenient and faster alternative. If you use the Chrome browser, you can install the MySignature Chrome extension on your browser and make this process even quicker.

Tips for Creating a Professional Email Signature

Having the right tools is essential for creating a Gmail professional email signature. But at the same time, it's important to understand the fundamental principles of what makes an effective signature that will deliver results.

Should you add social media links in a Gmail signature? How much information should you include? And how to promote your latest offers?

Let's answer these and other questions you might have below.

Do Away with Outdated Disclaimers

The "Sent from my iPhone" signature has become so commonplace that most people don't even question it. But when you think about it, the message is nothing more than an Apple strategy for getting its users to promote the product. 

And because of that, it makes no sense to keep the default disclaimers many smartphones add to your emails. Whether it's "Sent from my iPhone" or any variation of the "Please excuse the typos, sent from a mobile device," these types of disclaimers don't serve any real purpose and prevent you from utilizing the signature in a way that benefits you.

email disclaimer signature

Omit the Sign-Off

If you're setting up your Gmail email signature for the first time, you are probably considering whether you should add a sign-off. And at first glance, that might seem like a good idea. After all, this way, you don't have to type in the sign-off with every email. 

The problem is that it also hurts the authenticity of your emails, which can be a vital part of getting the other person to trust you and respond. When the sign-off is the same (and the recipient knows it's the same for everyone), it loses any meaning, and the "Best" or "Regards" becomes empty.

Therefore, it's better to skip the sign-off when designing your email signature and add it above. That way, you can also choose an appropriate sign-off based on the situation. 

Explore the Full Range of Features

One of the best things about using a robust email signature solution like MySignature is that you get an array of tools and features to enhance your signature and use it to achieve your goals. But that can only happen if you take the time to familiarize yourself with and use the features.

But what types of features can you add to your professional email signature? Here are just a few:

  • YouTube Video Thumbnail. Want to promote a new video? Add a thumbnail to your signature and entice readers to check it out.

  • Quote of the Day. You can set up your Gmail signature to display a different quote every day, adding a bit of variety and showcasing your philosophy.

  • Custom Button. If you need to capture attention with an eye-catching CTA, you can design a custom button that will get noticed every time.

email signature CTA

  • Instagram Gallery. Adding social media links in a Gmail signature is an excellent first step. But you can also showcase new posts by adding an Instagram gallery to every email you send.

  • Scheduler. If your business involves setting up meetings or calls, you can make it easier for the recipient by including a scheduler in your Gmail email signature.

  • Email Disclaimer. Just because the default disclaimers aren't necessary doesn't mean they can't be effective. Design one that matches your goals and industry.

  • Green Footer. You can also use your signature to raise awareness about protecting the environment. It's easy to add a green footer that encourages people to conserve paper by not printing the email.

green messege email signature

  • Sales Event Link. Have a big sales event coming up? Keep your email recipients informed by adding the sales event link to your signature.

  • Hand Signature Sign-Off. A handwritten sign-off adds a touch of personality. And MySignature makes adding one easy.

  • Online Payment Button. If you have an offer people can buy immediately, showcasing it in your signature is an excellent way to boost sales.

How to Insert an Image in Your Email Signature in Gmail

It's always a good idea to showcase your brand in your signature. And one of the best ways to do that is to add an image to an email signature in Gmail. By showcasing your company logo, you can raise brand awareness and keep your brand in the minds of your customers without any additional effort.

You can add the logo, photo when creating your signature on MySignature. In the Images tab, upload your image (or another photo) and select the image size, shape, and width. 

photo image logo in email signature

Be Deliberate

Even though there's an abundance of features you could use, it's impossible to use everything in a single email signature. And the truth is, there's no reason you'd want to.

Instead, identify what you want to achieve and what will make the signature more relevant to your email recipients. And then, focus on making those elements work well together. By using design elements, CTAs, and even a custom font, a Gmail signature can become a personalized representation of your brand without the need to overdo it.

How to Set Up Multiple Signatures in Gmail

Gmail allows you to have multiple signatures that you can use depending on the recipient, situation, and goals.

  1. Go to your Gmail mailbox, click the Gear icon, and select the See All Settings option.
  2. In the General tab, find the Signature section and select Create New.
  3. Paste the signature you created on MySignature and save it.
  4. Repeat the above process to add as many signatures as you need.

Multiple Signatures in Gmail

5. When you choose a signature, compose a new email, click the Pen icon at the bottom row, and select the signature you want to use from the list.

How to Add Fonts to a Gmail Signature

Changing the font in your Gmail signature is relatively easy.

  1. Go to your signature by clicking the Gear icon, selecting the All Settings option, and finding the Signature section.
  2. Choose the signature you want to edit to open it.
  3. There, use the Gmail WYSIWYG editor to select the font you want for different parts of the text.

How to Add a Link in a Gmail Signature

Just as with changing the font, you can easily add links throughout your Gmail signature.

1. When you enter your Gmail account, click the Gear icon, select All Settings, and find the Signature section.

2. Choose the signature you want to add links to.

3. Select the text you want to hyperlink and press the hyperlink icon on the WYSiWYG editor. Then, past the link and click OK.

How to Add a Link in a Gmail Signature

4. Alternatively, you can just paste a link directly if you don't want to use any text.

How to Add a Custom Signature in the Gmail Android App?

Changing your signature on the Gmail mobile app is possible, but you can't add HTML elements and can only write or copy text. 

  1. Go to your Gmail app and select the Menu icon on the top left.
  2. Then, scroll to Settings and select the account you want to add the signature to.
  3. Select Mobile Signature and enter the text.

Adding a HTML Signature in the Gmail App (iOS)

The process of changing your Gmail app's email signature on iOS devices is similar to Android.

  1. Open your app and go to Menu -> Settings.
  2. Under the Compose and Reply section, tap Signature Settings.
  3. Turn on the Mobile Signature feature and add or edit your mobile signature.IOS iphone email signature in Gmail

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is my signature not showing up in Gmail?

If you follow the instructions above and your signature still doesn't appear, it's probably because you haven't enabled them on Gmail. Go to your Gmail signature settings and uncheck the "No Signature" option to fix it.

  • Which image format to use for Gmail email signatures?

The best format for Gmail signatures is PNG. You should also consider resizing the image for an email signature in Gmail, which is very easy when you use the our signature editor.

  • How do I change a signature in Gmail?

To change a signature in Gmail, click the Gear icon and select See All Settings. There, in the Signature section, you can choose to add a new signature, edit a current one, or delete it. To select a signature in a specific email, click the Pen icon in the bottom row and choose the signature you want to use.

  • How do I remove a signature in Gmail?

To change the signature or remove it altogether, click the Gear icon, then select See All Settings. You can remove the signatures you no longer want in the Signatures section.

  • How to install a signature in Gmail using the MySignature Chrome extension?

Installing a Gmail email signature using the MySignature Chrome extension couldn't be easier. 

  1. In the MySignature Dashboard, hover over the signature you want to install and then click the Upgrade Signature in Extension button.
  2. If you don't have the extension yet, you will see a pop-up that will redirect you to the Chrome Web Store, where you can quickly add the extension.
  3. Once you have it on your web browser, you'll need to sign in with your MySignature account.
  4. Make sure the extension is turned on, and click the Signatures option in the menu.
  5. Now, you can simply hover over the signature you want to use and click the Update Signature in Extension button.
  6. At this point, your signature should appear when you compose your next email on your Gmail account.
  • Can you use a Signature on only some of the emails you send?

Yes, you can choose not to have a signature enabled by default and select one manually when you compose an email by clicking the Pen icon and choosing one of the saved signatures.

  • What are the dimensions of a Gmail email signature?

For best results, it's crucial to have a signature matching Gmail's recommended size. Google recommends having a signature 70-100 pixels high by 300-400 pixels wide. The maximum size for a signature image is 100 pixels high by 1000 pixels wide. 

The good news is that the MySignature signature editor makes it easy to resize the image for an signature on Gmail.

  • What to do if my pictures won't appear in my Gmail email signature settings?

You could try a few solutions if the signature image isn't displaying correctly. First, re-upload the image again to see if it wasn't caused by an error. You can also try a different upload method, either from a URL, My Drive, or your device.

Also, ensure that the image meets the recommended size guidelines by Gmail. Your images should be 70-100 pixels high by 300-400 pixels wide. You can resize the image in the MySignature signature editor.

Are You Ready to Create Your Gmail Email Signature?

MySignature makes creating a professional email signature quick and easy. It allows users to add images and links to their signatures, so you can incorporate relevant branding, contact information, or other details in your signature without having to manually code HTML or create a complicated signature design.

Important note: If you're looking for the simplest way to automatically add your signature to your Gmail account, your best choice is to use the MySignature Chrome extension. You won't have to copy or paste anything and can get your signature live in seconds. Learn more about installing a signature in Gmail using the MySignature Chrome extension now!

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