How Does a Top Digital Marketing Agency Build Email Campaign?


As the percentage of worldwide internet users surpasses 46% of the global population nowadays, digital marketing is essential for every brand promotion. Since 1990, online tools have significantly developed, becoming extremely sophisticated.

Thus, to win tough industry competition, successful marketing agency professionals use innovative techniques, such as dynamic advertising and content, non-linear approach to engage customers. They focus on various channels to catch the target audience’s attention, such as websites, corporative emails, SEO optimization and social media. How to use them proficiently and skillfully? Let’s check. Continue reading “How Does a Top Digital Marketing Agency Build Email Campaign?”

Email Marketing for Dummies: 5 Steps to the Goal


Have no clue what email marketing is? Feel the need to find out something on the subject? This article is a nice starting point to grasp what you need next. Here we’ll tell you some interesting things about email marketing you probably didn’t know.

In simple English, email marketing aims at attracting new clients, promoting your business, making people remember you and come back again and again. There are multiple techniques, tools, hints, and strategies on how to reach that goal. To understand, what you need and where to find it, here are some stages you have to consider one by one in detail. Continue reading “Email Marketing for Dummies: 5 Steps to the Goal”

5 Proven Marketing Techniques You Must Know


Modern people spend many hours a day online, chatting, checking emails, watching videos and playing games. Social networks significantly influence public opinion and consumption behavior. Therefore, digital marketing strategies are widely used nowadays. They are much more efficient than traditional measures.

These innovative techniques are cost-efficient, viral, immediate and nonintrusive. They help small businesses to compete in tough market segments, engaging worldwide clients, sending personal emails to your target audience. Efficient marketing techniques increase sales productivity and ROI within short time periods. So, let’s check which ones are trendy and the most successful this year, 2017. Continue reading “5 Proven Marketing Techniques You Must Know”

Free, Powerful Inbound Marketing Tools


Doing marketing, promoting unique services and goods and attracting new customers is simultaneously easy and intricately nowadays. In one respect, modern business people are demanding and particular about quality. Catching their attention is a really daunting task. Meanwhile, an abundance of advanced marketing tools helps you to reach the target audience immediately, efficiently and avoiding heavy expenses.

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Perfect Email Signature for Your iPhone: Step-by-Step Guide


If you’re reading this article, you’ve already understood that email signature is an inevitable part of your correspondence. No matter whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, or employee, communicating with clients, good-looking and professionally designed email signature shows your respect and attitude to your respondents.

Good email signature means not only well-designed one, but also adaptable to any devices, be it PC, tablet, or phone. Recent statistics show that more than a half of all letters are opened through the smartphones. It means that your email signature should be visible and adequately displayed on the small screens.

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How to Create Efficient Email Signatures? 7 Tips for Success


A beautiful, impressive email signature is a must for modern professionals. If you are an online marketer, a freelancer, a candidate to a relevant position or a digital agency employee, you need to impress your recipients, bringing up their positive emotions. A professional, classy signature helps you to highlight your company image, your digital identity, to cause high, immediate ROI results, to encourage fast response from potential customers, buyers and employers.

It takes you only up to 5 minutes to create signature online, and you certainly stand out from multiple competitors, make a good impression on your addressees, spark their interest in your unique goods or services. Meanwhile, it’s not easy to make modern business people to read any message; so there are some secrets how to succeed in online marketing. Continue reading “How to Create Efficient Email Signatures? 7 Tips for Success”

Email Marketing for Real Estate Agents: 3 Essentials for Effective Work


Real estate market is the one that requires constant work on increasing your client database. But there are a few tricky questions out there. How to acquire new customers and not to lose the current ones? How to find time for marketing and actual real estate work at the same time? How to remember everything and not drop dead from exhaustion?
I’ll say it straight away: it is possible to combine everything. You just need to know where to search for help. Here’re some tips that make the life of realtors much easier. Continue reading “Email Marketing for Real Estate Agents: 3 Essentials for Effective Work”

How to Make People Love Your Emails

free email signature

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, CEO, or the employee, communicating with customers? Is it essential to you that people don’t ignore your emails? Do you strive to look professional while corresponding with your current or future clients and partners? Here are some tips to make your letters work for you.

The first thing you should do is to define your goal. What do you want to achieve by writing an email? Attract new customers? Promote your services? Sell goods? Thank for productive cooperation?

Anyway, your email should be well-written, organized, and contain some necessary things to look neat and professional.

So, here’s what you should do to make people get interested in what you are writing:

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9 Ways to Improve Your Follow-up Email and Get Job You Want


What is a follow-up email? In a few words, that is a short notice reminding the recipient about yourself. It usually shows your recipients that you are putting in a little more effort than everybody else. Of course, it will interest your addressee and will less likely make them ignore your message. Some people wait to answer until they receive a follow-up email on purpose. It is because they tend to talk only to those who care.

What does a follow-up email actually follow? There can be several reasons for such an email:

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How to Reach Clients With a Proper Email Signature?


How often have you sent your letters to hundreds of recipients with certainty that all of them belong to your target audience? Every time after dispatch you were sure that the sales rate would increase rapidly or your website would gain more popularity, weren’t you? And how many times after that have you got little or zero response? You may wonder what the reason for that is.

You’ve spent a lot of time creating a letter; you think that you’ve included every significant detail, but the effect still doesn’t satisfy you. The answer is obvious – you simply haven’t caught your recipients’ attention. The letter hasn’t interested your potential client and has been ignored. It should be a red signal for you and your company: you have to change something in your strategy within the shortest possible time and pay attention to the part you may have been missing before. Continue reading “How to Reach Clients With a Proper Email Signature?”