Why getting an email signature is vital for your business?

Can you remember how they did business in the good old days? People met somewhere all dressed up (with the ties around their necks), they were shaking hands and handing over business cards. It was very personal because you actually saw who you were dealing with; you could look them in the eye and decide whether you like them, whether you can trust them. Of course, people still do it nowadays, although many aspects of our professional activities are now very impersonal, sometimes we never even actually meet people we are making business with. Nevertheless, our primitive intuition works just the same here on the Internet as it does in real life. People are more likely to trust you if they can see you in some way and form an opinion about you.

Your personal image on the Internet consists of many different aspects, and a proper business email signature is only one of them, but it is extremely important.

Strictly speaking, a business email signature is just a piece of information about yourself that is displayed at the end of your digital letters. The templates vary tremendously but generally include such essentials as your full name, current position, and the company you are associated with, plus some contact information like your telephone, website address, and social media links. Be sure to avoid a common pitfall and do not cram too much into your business email signature design. For example, displaying your email address is generally considered unnecessary, although many services that allow you to create business email signature do have that field in their templates.

It takes no more than 5 minutes of your time to generate an appropriate signature for business email and the process is quite simple given that there is plenty of sites that could help you with that task. Nevertheless, every little detail counts in today’s highly competitive business environment. To get success and to further your career means to stand out from the crowd and make people notice you. Well, that in itself is not enough, as you also have to make people trust you and want to do business with you. In other words, you have to build up a solid reputation. To the untrained eye, creating a business mail signature in this context may seem a secondary issue. That is not entirely fair.

First of all, adding personal information to every letter you send means opening up to people, it conveys professionalism and demonstrates reliability. Having a photo of you in the email footer also allows people literally to look you in the eye and decide whether they can rely on you. The good news for you is that you have to wear the suffocating tie just once, while taking that photo!

Hence, a business email footer is a powerful tool for your personal branding but it can also promote your business if you add relevant links or even an advertising banner to its template.

All modern email platforms like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook, etc., support the possibility of creating a simple business signature, however, the settings are rather limited. If you want to get yourself the best business signature possible, you should turn to the services specially developed for that purposes like for example MySignature. With this platform, you have more leeway in designing a perfect business email signature template.

MySignature has a very flexible editor that allows you to generate a marvelous sample of business email signature in just a few mouse clicks and keystrokes. The variety of templates here is huge and everyone will be able to find something to fit his type of business. Color schemes and typefaces were designed by professionals, therefore, using this service requires the least amount of effort on your part.

In addition to the essential elements of any email signature, with the help of this platform, you can also add links to your social media profiles or even advertising banners with attached links to your website in the footer. Thus, you will be promoting your company with every single email letter send. Is not it the easiest way to build brand recognition for your business?

Moreover, you will be able to monitor statistical data concerning your advertising campaign to establish the target audience because MySignature provides you with a UTM tracking code embedded in banners or social media icons. This feature will notify you of the number of clicks and locations.

Be sure to get yourself a professional business email signature right away and leave a lasting impression on your addressees. After all, it is the littlest thing we do that sends out the biggest message.

Ostap is a marketing professional (PMM) with 5+ years of experience in the software industry (B2B and B2C). Having worked with email marketing products and services, Ostap has a deep understanding of various email marketing strategies and solutions.