How an Eye-Catching Email Signature for Freelancers Can Increase Your Income

How an Email Signature for Freelancers Can Increase Income
In a world where digital marketing is becoming increasingly important, digital marketing efforts are becoming increasingly important as well. Email marketing, in particular, is an integral part of digital marketing efforts. This means that everything ranging from the content in the email to the structure of the email are things that have been picked apart and discussed by marketing analysts. If you are a fortune 500 company, employing an army of marketing professionals to dissect and alter each aspect of your marketing campaign is feasible and possibly even profitable. However, small business owners and freelancers are not afforded the same luxury, given their tight marketing budgets. Continue reading "How an Eye-Catching Email Signature for Freelancers Can Increase Your Income"

How to Create Effective Promotional Emails and Avoid Spam Folder

While it is easy to create promotional emails, making sure that they don't end up in the subscriber's spam folder can be a challenging task. The list of criteria used to judge the 'spamminess' of an email is a long one. Additionally, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have waged a brutal war against spammers, and like any war, even the genuine email marketers get caught in the crossfire. Continue reading "How to Create Effective Promotional Emails and Avoid Spam Folder"

Why Ivanka Trump shouldn’t have used her personal email for business purposes

Ivanka Trump
According to the Washington Post, last year Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the President of the United States and in addition senior advisor of the White House, sent hundreds of emails regarding government activities via her personal account. Most of the emails were addressed to the aides and included much of the confidential information. This caused alarm among the White House officials. The reason is that in 2016 Donald Trump personally criticized Hillary Clinton for carrying out email correspondence through her private email server. And now his daughter is doing almost the same. Continue reading "Why Ivanka Trump shouldn’t have used her personal email for business purposes"

How to Write a Good Appreciation Letter

It commonly seems not obligatory, as a thank-you-letter doesn’t make people buy your products or visit your company website. Meanwhile, being polite and grateful is necessary to build good relationship with the people around you. Therefore, when a person has helped you or did anything beyond his or her responsibilities for you, it’s so easy just to say “Thank you”, writing a short, but perfect letter. Continue reading "How to Write a Good Appreciation Letter"

How to Optimize Your Work in Gmail: Basics

If your professional activity presupposes communication via emails, it would be useful to find out how to make such communication more effective. C-level persons, managers, customer support, marketing departments, and many other – these people receive dozens of letters every morning. How to manage them properly? How to find the needed email among the monthly correspondence? How to spend time on sending and answering letters more effectively? Continue reading "How to Optimize Your Work in Gmail: Basics"

Why Create a Banner for Email Signatures?

banner for email signature
Email marketing is an advanced and popular form of promotion. It is time-saving and cost-efficient while the messages are real-time, personalized and informative. It concerns all business sectors such as retailing and wholesaling, travelling and domestic services. Meanwhile, online marketing faces daunting challenges as modern recipients are sick and tired of frequent spamming and multiple letters go to trash folder by default. That’s why emails are to be attractive, impressive and exceptional and banners help the senders to succeed. Continue reading "Why Create a Banner for Email Signatures?"

Email Marketing for Dummies: 5 Steps to the Goal

Have no clue what email marketing is? Feel the need to find out something on the subject? This article is a nice starting point to grasp what you need next. Here we’ll tell you some interesting things about email marketing you probably didn’t know. In simple English, email marketing aims at attracting new clients, promoting your business, making people remember you and come back again and again. There are multiple techniques, tools, hints, and strategies on how to reach that goal. To understand, what you need and where to find it, here are some stages you have to consider one by one in detail. Continue reading "Email Marketing for Dummies: 5 Steps to the Goal"