What Does Successful Digital Marketing Look Like in 2022

Digital marketing of the present day is a fluid mix of online and offline interactions. Electronic devices have become a necessary part of everyday life so using digital tools simply means speaking the same language with your audience.

With digital marketing, you can combine online and offline communications to fit in with what your target audience needs. QR-code or a social media link on a booklet leads people online to your website, and an announcement on the landing page or an invitation email gets them back offline to your workshop or office.

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Wherever your potential customers spend most of their time – your company is there, offering the most convenient way of communication. The easier people can reach you, the larger your customer base will grow.

In this regard, digital marketing is focused on the classic principle of being in touch with your audience. The newest digital technologies that permeate our lives provide new possibilities – and new tasks – for those who wish to deliver their products and services to the right people.

A serious analytical basis is another classic principle that is relevant for digital marketing even more than ever. The digital environment consists of huge volumes of data. Making sense of this data provides valuable insights into people’s behavior, interests, agendas, and demands. Analytics is the primary task for building an efficient marketing strategy that requires much skill, effort, and accuracy. Still, without further action, it stays invisible and fruitless. To enact any top-quality analytics you need one more step. Choose a proper channel and speak to people. For example, by hosting your own podcast, you can promote your content to a specific audience and get more new leads.

Chatbots: A Sense of Appreciation

Using chatbots is definitely the rising trend of the present time. Mediakix marketing agency reports that chatbots dominate the messaging apps’ marketing. They help to improve the company’s image, retain the audience, and generate income.

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The greatest advantage of a chatbot is around-the-clock availability. Anytime when people surf online, they can contact your company and be heard. Even a short welcome message and a promise to get in touch soon are much better than total silence during the non-working hours. People like the sense of being appreciated.

Advanced chatbots can act as online helpers providing guidance around the website. They can be integrated with the search tool and make it easier for the visitor to find what they need, especially if they are new to the topic. Interactive elements blur the border between effortless web surfing and the responsibility of starting a conversation. With a chatbot, your visitors smoothly slide into leads.

Voice helpers are an instance of the popularity of interactive communication. More and more users, especially on mobile devices, prefer to rely on voice commands for online operations. To fit in and make use of this trend, you can either integrate speech recognition feature to your chatbot or adapt your communication tools for those who reach you through the helper on their phone. However, don’t make a total shift toward voice communication: some users still feel more comfortable to print.

A virtual character or original lines will make your chatbot memorable and amusing. This will bring you the additional advantages of the quality content.

Content: A Sense of Interest

Content is an efficient and universal tool for marketing communication. 91% of marketing professionals worldwide reported they use content marketing as an important channel.

Whether it is an article on a website, a blog post, a social media update, or a notification in a messenger, good content means interest for your company. If people get interested in your content, they would like to share the story with others, attracting more people, and increasing your traffic. Moreover, this will create a positive emotional link to the brand and improve the reputation of your company. Managing the reputation through quality content helps to build trust and loyalty for the company. Your grateful customers will likely return for multiple visits and purchases with no additional effort or expenses from your side.

The secret of good content is to treat your audience more like partners than buyers. The digital world is overloaded with information, and moreover with advertising. No one likes annoying ads. Never start your message with advertising because most likely people will simply ignore it. Tell your story; give them something to get involved with. Make it personal. Also, you can use this post about blogging tools to find the best way to represent your company.

A great thing about content marketing is that it exceeds the certain moment of communication with your company, as well as the boundaries of online and offline. People can read your story out loud, share some ideas, or describe pictures. Content that evokes interest becomes a part of their everyday life and continues its life in informal relationships.

The distinctive manner of speaking about your company is an important feature to develop but the way you deliver the content also makes a serious difference. Emailing list is a good old tool that never comes out of fashion.

Emails: A Sense of Community

In the era of instant online communication, many users perceive emails as a deeper, more serious, and long-term channel. Due to this effect, the emailing list is suitable for keeping in touch with your current customers, spreading a word about your products or services, and even building a community around your brand. Applying this tool requires careful selection of the content you send, frequency of emails, and, of course, the destination. A smartly designed email signature can help you with.

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Before sending your tons of email campaigns do not forget about email address verification. You increase email deliverability, save your domain email, enhance the open rate. The best way to clean your email list fast and reduce email bounces is through the best email validation service.

Each email inbox has a sender reputation associated with our IP address of the sender. If you have a lot of bounces and spam, it affects your reputation as a sender. If this happens, then at best: your mail will not go to your inbox, at worst: email providers will blacklist your IP or domain, and this is not suitable for business.

Email providers have developed strict spam policies to protect their users from undesired mail. If your message gets into the spam folder, it is not only lost for the certain receiver but also hurts the statistics of your mailbox and increases the chance for your letters to be marked as spam in the future. You can easily find tips on what activates spam filters and blocks emails, for example in our blog. The general advice is to stick to the value of delivering quality content. Always think about what will bring use and positive emotions to your audience. This includes perfect timing, too. Even creative and personal emails can be perceived as spam if they arrive too often.


Finally, if you aim to create a strong sense of connection between the audience and the company, it is necessary to keep the emailing list accurate and up-to-date. Make sure that any email address on your list has a real person behind it willing to receive the mail. Regular checkups with an email checker will protect your mailbox from increasing the undelivered mail count which can trigger spam alert. You can use free email validation services to keep your list neat.

Roman Onischuk
Roman Onischuk
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