How to Reach Clients With a Proper Email Signature?

How often have you sent your letters to hundreds of recipients with certainty that all of them belong to your target audience? Every time after dispatch you were sure that the sales rate would increase rapidly or your website would gain more popularity, weren’t you? And how many times after that have you got little or zero response? You may wonder what the reason for that is.

You’ve spent a lot of time creating a letter; you think that you’ve included every significant detail, but the effect still doesn’t satisfy you. The answer is obvious – you simply haven’t caught your recipients’ attention. The letter hasn’t interested your potential client and has been ignored. It should be a red signal for you and your company: you have to change something in your strategy within the shortest possible time and pay attention to the part you may have been missing before.

If your goal is to make your recipients move from the category of your readers and potential clients to that of your real customers, you have to raise their interest first of all.

To make your letter distinctive and recognizable, you have to make it visually attractive at first:

  • Always start your letter with an appropriate opening. Try to make it personal.
  • Close your letter with an eye-catching email signature. Do not omit it.

How can email signature help you promote your business?

  • It gets people familiar with who you are and what your business is.
  • It saves your future customers’ time if they want to contact you quickly and directly.
  • To some extent, it plays a role of an online business card which works for your reputation. Don’t let it work against it.

You do not need to design your email signature by yourself. It is a complicated process which takes a lot of time and requires some basic knowledge of programming. Use email signature maker instead and create a signature online. It is convenient, fast and easy. A free email signature can be created online in a few simple steps. All you need for the perfect start is the Internet connection.

First, you have to choose any of the existing email signature generators. Of course, free email signature generator is most likely what you are looking for. No one wants to waste money if there is a chance to save it. Get to know how to operate the generator you’ve chosen by the following basic instructions. Then prepare contact information you will need to provide while filling the forms. This should not include any excessive info such as links to your personal accounts in social networks, home photos with your spouse, kids or pets.

Also - no quotations. It all dissipates people’s attention. You want the opposite effect, don’t you? Keep to the basic info that should include: your name, last name, and position, company name and address, company website address, telephone number, a corporate profile in social networks (or several ones, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). Remember to omit email address in your email signature. It looks like introducing yourself once again after the conversation came to its logical end. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? The recipients could see it at the very beginning and can easily get in touch with you via email by just answering yours.

Usually before indicating the information needed you have to choose the template which best fits your service and represents your brand. The templates have already been developed by professional designers; therefore they don’t require any additional work from you, as it was mentioned above. Templates differ by style, that’s why everyone can find an appropriate one for his or her purpose. After typing all the required data, you wait a few seconds till the generator processes it, and get your email signature online ready.

A few steps how to test your online signature before sending it:

  1. Check the colors on different screens. Don’t make them too bright and don’t use the abundance of colors. Two will be just enough.
  2. Check the size of the photos and images. Check your logo. Make sure they can be easily viewed on any mobile device.
  3. Send a letter with your new email signature to a few friends and learn their reaction. They will honestly tell you about errors if there are any, and about the visual effect, it makes on the recipient. It is better to spend a few minutes to remake it than to lose your potential customer in one second.

Remember, your task is to make people read your letters and respond to them. Or at least remember you to come back later. If the letter is dull and boring, the sales rate will be more likely the same. Unless you are selling some products for real nerds ☺ So think about the possible effect in advance. It will save your time, make people read your emails, and bring real clients to you.

Nick is a professional content marketer and writer at MySignature. He has been working in digital marketing for more than 5 years.