Complete iPhone Email Signature Installation Guide

  1. If you’re reading this article, you’ve already understood that email signature is an inevitable part of your correspondence. No matter whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, or employee, communicating with clients, good-looking and professionally designed email signature shows your respect and attitude to your respondents.

Good email signature means not only well-designed one, but also adaptable to any devices, be it PC, tablet, or phone. Recent statistics show that more than a half of all letters are opened through the smartphones. It means that your email signature should be visible and adequately displayed on the small screens.

MySignature is a free email signature generator, which will help you to improve your business correspondence in few minutes.

Here is a short step-by-step guide on how to create an email signature – it is common for all email clients.

1. Enter your contact info in the corresponding fields. Think of what you want to show your customers. No need to fill in all fields – maybe, you don’t want to share your skype or home address, since they are not used in your business communication. You also may not add email address – it will be displayed in the “From” section of the letter. You will immediately see the info you’re entering in the email signature preview.

2. Add your photo – it’s a good way to attract attention to your contacts. Choose a high-quality professional picture, don’t use too personal images – it won’t look right in the end of your business letter. Choose a file, crop it, and see the result in the preview. How’s your email signature now? Much better, than info only, right?

3. Next, enter your company details, if it is necessary. Check how it looks in your email signature – maybe, you need to add less information. No need to type very long names of departments, for instance. You aim to be recognizable and on the call, and not to confuse a person with not-so-relevant information.

4. Now, play with color, size, and type family.

5. Add some social media icons. For that, copy the links to your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. By the way, don’t use your personal accounts – you should have business profiles (or your company’s profiles). No need to share your personal life with your customers or partners.

6. Click on “Choose template” button and look how your email signature is displayed. What seems the most appropriate? Choose the best template and click “Get signature.”

7. Next, press “Copy to Clipboard” button and paste your new HTML email signature to your email client.

8. By the way, you can copy a source code to your email client, and modify it according to your needs (this is for those who are acquainted with such tasks).

Now, let’s move to the creation of email signature for the iPhone particularly.

1. Create a new email signature for your iPhone here.

2. Click Get Signature --> Copy to clipboard

3. Go to your Settings on your iPhone --> Mail --> Signature

4. Past email signature

5. Shake your phone to drop default styling of the iPhone.

Now, you have your email signature ready! Send a few letters to your friends and find out what they think about your new style. If everything’s good, start communicating with your clients and partners on the new level!

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