How to Write a Personal Brand Statement in 8 Steps [+Examples]

Branding is essential in all industries and professions today. To draw the attention of your prospective customers or employers, you need a powerful personal brand statement. It helps them to quickly identify your value.

This article helps you understand a personal brand statement and its importance, how to craft one of your own, outline inspirational personal brand statement examples, and provide personal brand statement tips.

What Is A Personal Brand Statement?

It refers to a catchphrase that summarizes what you do, how you do it, and what makes you outstanding in your industry or career. In short, personal branding is self-promotion to your audience.

Initially, a personal brand statement was a tool for big-name celebrities and big companies, but not anymore!

In whichever field of expertise you are in, your brand statement quickly communicates why your client or employer should choose you over your competitors.

Remarkable Benefits Of Personal Branding

In a competitive business or work environment, personal branding is essential for you to stand out.

While many people don't want to spend time and energy in building their brand, the expertise has many benefits, which include the following:

Remarkable Benefits Of Personal Branding

Makes You Selectively Famous

Personal branding makes you famous to those interested in knowing you. Your focus should be surrounding yourself with people who can share your values and goals.

Like what big brands and celebrities do by turning their fans into their brand ambassadors. You too can market yourself to your fans base. 

Minimizes Self-Doubt

Personal branding involves uncovering yourself genuinely. When you exploit your full potential, you avoid the feeling of incompetence, and you are satisfied in all that you do.

Enhances Networking

Personal branding eases your networking by providing a catchy introduction. Thus, you won't have to go through the hassle of giving an in-depth description of your career or job.

Instead, your unique and concise brand statement will communicate quickly on your behalf, leading to detailed and more engaging discussions.

A Wider Range Of Opportunities

Personal branding gives you a chance to let others know who you really are instead of allowing them to judge as per imagination.

As a result, you attract them to yourself and consequently open a wider door of opportunities to attain your goals.

Reduces Energy Drain

Most people use a lot of energy in executing a specific task every day. This is not the case with personal branding!

Instead of playing a role, you deliver on your brand promises in a unique way that consumes less energy.

Gives Joyful Tasking

There is the joy that comes from job satisfaction. Personal branding enables you to align who you are with what you do and how you do it. It's about turning your passion into work to achieve your purpose.


source: Pinterest

When you express your passion and create impact, this will definitely give you continuous joy in your work!

Increased income

Most people will pay any amount of cash for a strong brand. We pay premiums for such brands because we get not only the product but also a great experience.

The same case applies to people!

If all in the same job title get the same pay, then there would be no need for one to be outstanding. Luckily, that isn't the case!

Gives You Career/ Brand Management

Strong brands don't welcome any idea that comes their way but pursue that which leads them to success.

The management of these brands influences their day-to-day task execution.

Enhances Goal Achievement

Effective personal branding is on the grounds of authenticity and inspiration. Your brand is directed by and aligned with goals.

One central element of personal branding is focusing on your branding efforts and actions towards achieving your goal.

Confidence Boost

Confidence is the biggest personal branding outcome. The personal branding process gives you self-awareness which translates to self-assuredness with time.

When people acknowledge your branding, you become more and more comfortable with who you are and your way of doing things.

Strong personal branding will enable you to enjoy tons of benefits as you deliver exceptional value to your employer or clients.

How to Create A Personal Brand Statement In Email Marketing

As there are approximately 5.59 billion email account holders worldwide, the platform becomes appropriate for personal branding. Therefore, let's get to understand how you can brand yourself through digital marketing.

Tips To Personal Branding Via Email

Create An Email List

Building a subscribers' list is the foundation of your email marketing. You can do this by setting up proper landing pages, opt-in pop-ups, or website banners.

Pop Ups

source: Pinterest

A good landing page should brief people about you and how the reader will benefit by subscribing to your email list. Also, the page should be attractive, clear, and concise. Of importance, too, is a clear CTA for those who will be interested in what you do.

Engage Your Audience

With a list at hand, it's now time to share your content (personal brand statement) with your subscribers. But before you start engaging your audience, consider a tool that can help you store and nurture your precious list.

These tools enable you to share content, gauge engagement levels, and act on potential problems at the right time. Although the platforms may require some payment, they have many benefits like saving time and peace of mind.

As there is various email marketing software in the market, be keen to choose the suitable one for your task. We recommend to use, which has excellent features to grow your subscriber base and build long-lasting relationships.

Here is an example from how you can simply create and edit pop-up form:

how to create popup form

source: Sender

Send An Introduction Email

Your first impression is an essential part of email marketing personal branding. If you send inspiring welcome emails to your subscribers, they may not forget the experience. As a result, your engagement rates will be great.

Is it possible to send a welcome email whenever there is a new subscription? You ask.

You can set up automated email flows to send a welcome email every time there is a new sign-up. You should send a series of introduction emails before you send your branded email.

The automated series should follow the pattern below:

First welcome email - thank the subscriber for joining your list and introduce them to your social platforms. Let them know when they can be expecting your newsletters or publications.

Second welcome email - tell the person all the necessary details about who you are, how and when you began doing what you do, and the benefits they will reap from being part of your team.

Final welcome email - provide links to some of your best past works.

Where you have a product or service, you can send a fourth welcome email giving links or a free guide to them.

Once the subscriber is "home," you can now send them your regular emails!

Here is an example, how this email workflow look on Automation tool:

email flow

Make Your Brand Memorable

To make your brand unforgettable by many,  you have to focus on:

Recognizability -  maintain consistency in logo, writing tone, style font, and email style. This enables your audience to recognize your brand immediately and consequently build trust in it!

Consistency - have regular schedules of sending your branded emails so that they become routine for your audience. Preferably, once per week, on a specific day.

Relatability -  write with truthfulness and authenticity. People like original, easy-to-read, and friendly content. Ensure that you communicate with your audience in your branded emails. 

Evaluate Your Performance

Creating a personal brand statement is not a one time thing but a continuous process. Therefore, you need to examine your email list health and the performance of your email.

In list health evaluation, check the unsubscribe rate, subscriber growth, and the number of active members. For the email performance check-up, consider open and click-through rates.

The five key measures will give you a clear picture of the performance of your strategy. You can then improve the areas that require improvement to keep your subscribers engaged. They can then become your brand ambassadors in the long run.

How To Write A Personal Brand Statement

Below are the steps to follow when you want to focus on your unique selling propositions or what makes you stand tall among your competitors.

Step 1:  Identify All Your Skills

Start by jotting down all your strong points, areas of experience, or your likable personalities.

Hard-Skills-vs-Soft-Skills (

source:  G2

For example, you can start with techniques, tools, or software you know as a marketer.

Step 2: Recognize Your Target Group

Here you can consider your past favorite jobs or a client you love working for. What do both have in common? What tasks did you carry out that gave you job satisfaction and value?

For example, as a web developer, you might prefer front-end development for sites with a bigger humanitarian goal than an ordinary blog.

Step 3: Listen To What People Say

Check around for networking events or browse people's LinkedIn profiles in your career or industry to create something unique.

Be keen to note the typical pattern followed by people in your industry and craft something different.

Step 4: Stand Out In Your Task Execution

After examining your competition, return to your number one point and get unique things about you that make you outdo the rest in your field.

Drawing from our web developer's example, it could be that you've done things in a language that no one else has, or you have more specialized skills that are lacking in others.

Step 5: Who's Your Target Audience

Draw from your number and identify your potential employers or clients. After thinking a little more, you can then comfortably say that you would like to specialize in humanitarian brands.

It may take time to be successful, but it will soon materialize!

Maintain simplicity but relevancy to your industry or the specific age group.

Step 6: Write It Down It In A Few Sentences

At this point, you are ready to put down your brand statement options. You will begin your sentence by revisiting your number four, "I do X…," and then add to your  number five, by stating "I do X for Y."

At this point, the statement is pretty simple.

Personal brand statement

Not very attractive, but it gives a foundation for a strong statement.

Step 7: Include Adjectives And Make It Simple

Here, it's time to rethink step six and build on it to produce a better version of the statement. But, avoid technical terms, maintain simplicity! This ensures that people outside your field get to comprehend it.

For example, in step six, "front end design" is a bit technical. Instead, you can say, "beautiful website." Therefore the statement could read, "I make beautiful websites for companies with a cause." This sounds like a better version. Doesn't it?

Step 8: Make People Desire More

This step is a bit indefinable as you have to do a trial of your brand statement in diverse situations and see how it works.

At this point, you aim to call people to action with your statement. In short, hire you out of the description on your brand statement!

To inspire you to write a strong statement that can draw many to your net, let's look at various examples.

Personal Brand Statement Examples

"Brand designer for wonderful companies" – Jessica Jones 

This statement is short and simple and hence memorable. Its first part clarifies that she doesn't only deal with logos but also full branding and design. The adjective "wonderful" describes her warm personality.

“Content marketing evangelist.”-Joe Pulizzi

“Content marketing evangelist.”-Joe Pulizzi

This is a clear and concise content marketer self-description made unique by the word "evangelist." We are familiar with content marketing pioneers or content marketing experts but not content marketing evangelists! The term is simple but powerful enough to make him outstanding.

The word "evangelist" expresses his enthusiasm and expertise in his field. He doesn't only offer services to others but also inspires them to like content marketing. And, of course, he is "evangelizing" in this context!

"I can teach you how to properly utilize social media platforms to increase your brand's reach and revenue."

In this case, the owner of this brand statement focuses on what he can help his audience accomplish through displaying his expertise and knowledge.

This is a clear and concise way of telling potential employers what you do best and to whom you provide your services.

"I transform accomplished women from unknown to unforgettable with a strategic, trustworthy personal brand"- Irene Koehler

Irene has specialized in training people on personal branding. Her short, punchy, and powerful statement showcases her expertise in the field.

"I teach people how to use unconventional strategies to land jobs they love in today's market (without connections, without traditional "experience," and without applying online)."Austin Belcak

This brand statement is a guide on how to display your value simply. The language is easy for readers to understand and highlights Belcak's unique knowledge of teaching and helping others.

This makes his potential clients trust him as he can identify with their problems and offer a solution.

Personal Brand Statement Tips 

To create a great personal brand statement consider the following tips:

Outline Your Attribute

As simple as it may seem, identifying skills and qualities that make you stand out is an essential step. This aims at setting you apart from your competitors and makes you exceptional.

Select Addressees

Your statement should be direct and narrow to your target audience. If broad, you may end up missing some potential employers. Since your goal is to make known your primary skills, target specific audiences in your industry where you will be extremely helpful.


source:  Personal Brand

Be Truthful

Avoid exaggerating your abilities! Your brand statement will only attract people to know more about you but not tell everything about your profession. Hopefully, a strong brand statement will draw your potential employer's attention and enhance a desire to know you.

Maintain Simplicity

Even though you want your statement to be unique, avoid technical terms that can isolate your audience. Make it one that others can easily remember whenever a networking opportunity arises.

Consider Your Close Associate's Opinions

If it's challenging for you to identify personal skills, ask colleagues and close friends to assist. You can also check your statement against their opinion after you have written one.

Be Your Own Brand Ambassador

When looking for employment, you have to market yourself. A brand statement by itself won't accomplish much. Have a personal website or use social platforms to reach your prospective employers using your brand statement. By maintaining consistency across social networks, it makes it easy for others to remember and associate it with you.

Keep It Flexible

Although it takes time to create a personal brand statement, you should revise it annually to incorporate advancement and changes in your career. For it to be effective, keep it up to date. Also, invest time in making it incredible but truthful.

Keep It Brief

Creating a great first impression is essential by all means. Make your brand statement short and direct to give a quick great first impression whenever presented with an opportunity. After attracting one's attention, you can then expound on your skills and experience.

Avoid Common Words and Phrases

Cliche words and phrases such as detail-oriented, passionate, and highly organized are over-used and easily overlooked. It's therefore advisable not to use such words and instead go for concrete details that are value-adding.

These include phrases like ‘Treasury-qualified financial officer with…’ and ‘python-fluent developer with…’ Such are unique for each individual.

Maintain Professionalism

When writing your brand statement, you need to remember it's an official document, not a life mission statement. You should therefore avoid being peculiar or impractical.

Importance of Creating Branded Emails

Increase Credibility

Trust is the foundation of most people's decisions. Hence, you have to manage your audience's trust to stand out in the market. The more you or your products/ service become popular, the more efficient your email marketing becomes.

Though your branded email rate may be low initially, the rate will increase with brand credibility and popularity.

High ROI

A strong brand statement creates a strong brand name that attracts everyone around. When a famous brand makes a new product, it hits the market right away!

Your brand loyalty can boost your email marketing campaigns. Strong brands will not only increase the open rate of potential customers, but they also give in to your offers.

However, you may have to include some offers in the initial stages of your branded emails. 

Makes You Outstanding

When a company in your industry produces relatively similar items, their email marketing templates may appear identical to the audience. In this case, only your brand values will help you stand out in the stiff competition.

Boosts Your Reputation

While email marketing will increase your sales and basic recognition, branded emails go a notch higher to win your audience's trust and reinforce your business reputation.

Builds Meaning

Today, the success of a business is more than money-making and quality-price ratio. Customers will go after companies and products that have meaning and can make a difference in their daily lives.

Therefore, your brand value and the message you convey will significantly influence your marketing campaigns!

Writing Great Personal Brand Statement That Blows The Mind of Potential Employers

You must be inspired to craft a personal brand statement by now! You have seen how important it is in climbing your career ladder.

So, why waste any more time? Get down to business and have a new experience in your profession!

Be sure to keep it enthusiastically you, snappy, and simple. And if you decide to go the email way, add an email signature to look more professional.

Helga Zabalkanska
Helga Zabalkanska
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