Crash Course in Email Signature Template Design

In one of the previous articles, we have already discussed what it takes to build an email signature but that were mere technicalities and now it is high time to discuss the visual part, also known as design. In fact, the thing that defines a good email signature is its template. The bitter truth, however, is that a person can be a talented entrepreneur yet a poor designer with no sense of color whatsoever, but when you are trying to build a business, every detail is crucial, even an email signature template you choose.

Do not despair! Many so-called “technical guys” are clueless when it comes to design. They just do not get how it works since they have to deal with algorithms and engineering, leaving out all those social and humanities studies.

And it is probably for the better since it is said that a Jack of all trades is a master of none. So what to do if you are not Andy Warhol or Salvador Dali yet you need to create a free email signature template and a great one, too? Fortunately, there is a free email signature creator MySignature to help you out.


Plain or decorative, fine and thin or bold and heavy – there are so many typefaces out there that it is hard not to get confused. Some fonts are better for printed materials, some are better to use online only. It actually requires a highly refined taste to deal with this true embarrassment of riches. When putting together an email signature template you should strive for using only clear and legible fonts. That is why our free email signature creator MySignature has limited your choice of fonts to three main categories.

Two of those font families, namely Serif and Sans Serif, caused a major split within the designers' community. The ultimate difference between them is a small stroke attached to each symbol (the serif itself).

Serif Fonts

Team Serif is sure that this small detail implies elegance and formality. MySignature generator has the following Serif typefaces available: Georgia, Palatino Linotype, and Times New Roman.

Sans-Serif Fonts

Sans-Serif fonts are considered friendlier and more attention-grabbing. They all lack that little stroke at the ends of symbols what makes them simple, minimalistic and perfectly readable.

MySignature provides you with such Sans-Serif typefaces: Arial, Arial Black, Comic Sans MS, Impact, Lucida Sans Unicode, Tahoma, Trebuchet MS, and, finally, Verdana. You may have noticed that there are three times as many Sans-Serif fonts as Serif ones provided by our free email signature generator. This was done for a good reason.

You see, a rule of thumb for designers teaches us to use serif fonts only for printed designs. The reason for that is that relatively poor screen quality blurs the serifs and makes such fonts difficult to read. I'd actually argue with that rather categorical rule. I think that it is ok to use Serif typefaces when the text is big enough (main headline of some webpage, for instance). However, in the case with email signatures, it is obviously better to limit your choice to Sans-Serif family.

Monospace Fonts

There is still one more category left to discuss. Courier New and Lucida Console present Monospace fonts. Those are fonts with all the symbols occupying the same amount of space. Monospace fonts are not so widely used in design. They are probably more familiar to coders since such fonts clearly display the crucial differences between characters (zero and O letter, for example) and are also highly legible, fitting for writing hundreds lines of code.

Color Schemes

Color is probably the most effective way to draw someone's eye to your free email signature and to highlight the most important bits of information. Our free email signature creator MySignature allows you to choose any color for your font from the limitless palette of RGB color system.

The most obvious choice would be of course to use the colors of your brand but in case you don’t have those here are some useful tips. Colors are not about aesthetics alone, they are closely connected with hidden psychological impacts.

For instance, blue is considered neutral and professional. It is primarily associated with tech brands like Intel or Facebook, thus it conveys trustworthy and stability, it is rock-solid and very intellectual.

Green tends to be eco-friendly and natural. Thus, choose it if your business has something to do with health domain or organic products.

Red is very passionate, even aggressive color, yet it is probably the most visible variant of all. If you want really to emphasize something in your free email signature template, you can try to make it work.

Purple goes for creativity; it would be the right choice for artists. Pink is romantic color, great for florists or wedding planners. Finally, black is associated with luxury, top-notch brands.

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We already know the essential elements of an email signature; those are your name and position, contact details, photo or logo, and naturally social icons. Great design is, however, not only about certain parts of a signature but also about what holds them all together.

MySignature generator has various premade variants of free email signature templates that bring order to chaos. To create an email signature you just have to choose a template and then to set it up, changing the fonts, colors and other details. With MySignature, you can instantly see the result of your effort. With this generator, you don’t have to struggle to get yourself a top-notch email signature for free.

Ostap is a marketing professional (PMM) with 5+ years of experience in the software industry (B2B and B2C). Having worked with email marketing products and services, Ostap has a deep understanding of various email marketing strategies and solutions.