Alternatives to Outlook for Mac: Part 2

We’ve already talked about some free ways to substitute the most popular email client Outlook. Here’re some more options for you to consider.


Created by Readdle (they are specializing in essential apps for iPhone and Mac), this email application is free of charge and has some vital benefits and built-in features. It recognizes personal emails and adds them to other similar letters so that you could understand what is important at a glance. Notifications and commercials are correspondingly directed to different folders. This way your inbox always looks well-organized and professional.

Also, Spark provides you with a smart search that understands natural language. Search for “notification from Lawyers yesterday” to find a yesterday’s email marked as “notification” from Johnston Lawyers Ltd.

You can use some automation from Spark: the app provides you with a possibility to send a quick answer with one tap. “Thanks,” “Like,” “Agreed,” or any other custom reply is sent in a few seconds. Spark also can pick up your most used email signatures, so you won’t have to create another one but just choose from the offered samples.

Your Spark emails can be saved as PDFs, and attachments – sent and saved on any of your iPhone and iPad apps. Quite a decent outlook alternative for Mac, isn’t it?


This app is highly productive and user-friendly. It offers you email tracking, "read later" and "send later" functions, push notifications and mail synchronization.

With Polymail, you can see who and when have opened your email. This is a helpful tool to keep abreast of your email marketing strategy. One more useful thing is scheduling your emails: one can assign the time and people, to whom and when the letters should be sent.
Use Polymail for Mac, iPhone, and iPad as an alternative to Outlook.


This is an email component of the PIM (personal information manager) Kontact that includes calendar, notes, to-do lists, news, etc.
KMail provides tagging, sorting, and recovery of your messages; supports mailing management; compresses attachments. For a wide range of functionality, one can use other KParts to embed address book, organizer, and more elements.This email client can be used for Mac as well as Windows and Linux.


Meet the modern email management apps for Mac, iOS, Android, Slack, and Alexa. Astro is available for Office 365 and Gmail addresses and is full of nice and useful features.

You can use some help of artificial intelligence, offered by Astro team, - a personal assistant Astrobot. It helps you to remember important emails and tasks, respond to emails via Voice service, and efficiently work across Slack. By the way, Slack and Astro Email work both ways: you can send, reply, snooze emails in Slack, and search messages, share emails or attachments on your Slack channel.

Astro offers some more exciting features: besides snoozing emails to read later, you can snooze them on your phone until you can read them on Desktop; it reminds you to unsubscribe from letters you never read; you can mute an email chain if it is irrelevant at the moment. Except this, Astro offers some general things such as priority inbox, possibility to create and organize multiple folders, unification of all emails in one inbox, marking favorites, etc. It is one of the top alternatives to Outlook for Mac and iOS.


Desktop email client, Mailspring is designed for Mac, Windows 10, and Linux. It supports Gmail, Office 365, and iCloud. The basic functionality (quite extensive, don’t worry) is free, and there is a possibility of Mailspring Pro subscription with even more features.

Let’s talk about the free version of this Outlook alternative for Mac. It offers the possibility to manage your emails with gestures: swipe to archive from the thread list, move emails, add attachments, etc. Also, you can create several aliases and send letters from them – this is an excellent thing if you need some anonymity. Mailspring can help you create signatures and letter templates, which will automate your work and spare you some time for other things. Some more features to save your time are quick look integration (shows an attachment preview within the app) and keyboard shortcuts. Such general stuff as a unified inbox, search function, and labeling goes without saying.
Mailspring Pro adds to this list snoozing, tracking, scheduling, reminders, and some other useful details.

Zimbra Desktop

This free client, as says its official website, helps you to connect the online and offline worlds. You can store and sync all your messages, files, contacts, etc. in the cloud, yet having them accessible when you are offline. Via Zimbra Desktop, you can easily communicate and share information across multiple accounts in Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. You have everything at hand and easily managed.
Also, Zimbra has a calendar, document editor, task list, and briefcase (stores all your attachments).

These are six more alternatives to Outlook for Mac, besides those eight mentioned in our first article. Now you have a big list to choose from – just consider the features that are essential for you and draw from a pool.

Helga is a CMO at MySignature and digital marketer with 7+ years of experience. Having worked in numerous industries she has a deep understanding of various markets and a variety of tools as well as growth hacking techniques that can boost marketing activity in a particular sphere.