8 Reason Why Should You Sign Your Email Properly

An email signature is a several-line text at the end of your email correspondence. You may think it’s a little thing, while the topic of your letter is the most important part. However, when it comes to business correspondence, you should be meticulous in little things.

Professionally signed letters help you to grow your business. A signature for email is one of the necessary tools to increase one’s reputation as a successful businessperson. It is the last thing the recipient reads, so it is usually considered to be a motivating conclusion of your self-presentation. It could be a disappointing one as well if created unprofessionally.

Good news for you: now it’s not a problem to create a signature online. As a rule, you don’t have time (and wish) to learn the basics of programming code just to create a signature. You need it quickly and professionally – to send your letter as soon as possible.
Online signature makers were designed specifically for this purpose – to make your business life easier, your correspondence faster, and your communication more professional.

Why should you sign your email at all?

There are few obvious reasons:

  • It is professional.
  • It is polite.
  • It represents your brand and adds value to it.
  • Also, it reflects the tone of your organization.
  • It helps the reader to understand some of the personal qualities. It will influence the decision whether he/she should work with you in the future.
  • Email signature with photo increases your credibility for a reader.
  • It is the easiest way to promote yourself as a specialist, or your company as a reliable one.
  • It is necessary for our modern technology time to speed up the communication.

Things to consider when signing your email:

  • Make your signature long enough to include all the required information, but know when to stop. Use only relevant information, avoiding the excessive one.
  • Carefully filter all contact details that you are providing.
  • Keep in mind that a signature for email is like a business card that represents you. Choose an attractive design that will make your signature memorable.

  • Use all the advantages of HTML email signature maker – it doesn’t require any specific technical skills. Insert hyperlinks and logo of your company to catch the receiver’s eye.
  • Avoid making mistakes – spelling, grammar, punctual, etc. Also, double-check that it includes up-to-date information.
  • Make your signature adaptable and mobile-friendly.

  • In the case of a corporate signature, make it standardized and unified.
  • Consider all legal requirements that may be valuable while using email signature generator. Some companies use own templates for business correspondence or have strict rules about creating ones.
  • Make your signature information organized.

  • Make your email signature unique and comprehensive. Avoid using the variety of fonts. Create some personal style that will represent you, or make your company stand out.
  • Remember about the photo, as your signature will look way better if you include an image. But consider the format of the photo – it should look professional (no bikini, or your pet spider on it), and adapt to mobile devices. Do not use the image only as your signature. Some devices and internet providers can just block it with their settings.

  • Keep professional, avoid sharing too much personal info.
  • Don’t include your email address in your email signature. And don’t torture the customer’s eye with the tax
    numbers either.
  • Take a few seconds to review and analyze how your signature looks like and how it may be perceived. It is a good idea to send several test letters to your friends or relatives.

How can email signature creators help you?

Email signature maker is a professional tool, which assists you in creating a new email signature or updating the existing one.

Here are some advantages of using email signature creators:

  • They were elaborated by professional graphic designers. So there is no need to create a bike again.
  • Services of this type usually have ready templates, and you can choose from the list.
  • Email signature creators offer a possibility to use a flexible template. It means that you can make rebranding of your company within a few minutes.
  • No need to know graphic design to become a successful user of email signature maker.
  • It is quick and saves your time.
  • HTML signature creator allows you to add your social media profiles to your correspondence with clients.
  • Such services usually create HTML email signatures that function flawlessly.

To avoid misunderstandings in future, you should bypass short email signatures in the business correspondence, such as
Yours, Yours Truly, Yours Sincerely, Best, Warmest Regards, Warmly, Sincerely, Thanks, Cheers, etc. They sound fake and effusive, according to some American specialists.

Rebecca Greenfield, for example, states that it is even better to leave the letter without a signature at all than to end it with the phrases mentioned above. In this case, an email can finish with a deep thought or a question and doesn’t require the ending to sound professional.

In some countries, emails have already become same or even more informal than text messages. However, in most of the business world emails are still considered to be official electronic letters. Therefore, they demand particular style and etiquette be followed.

Keep in mind that many educated people can feel any subtleties through writing. That is why it is critical to remember that email signatures provide the customer with information on all the possible ways to connect back with the sender. Also, it demonstrates your level of competence and erudition.

Taking into account the thoughts of American journalists, who claim that short signatures can look insincere, disingenuous or even old-fashioned, it is even more important to create a professional business signature. It is vital for developing and promoting your business.

Ostap is a marketing professional (PMM) with 5+ years of experience in the software industry (B2B and B2C). Having worked with email marketing products and services, Ostap has a deep understanding of various email marketing strategies and solutions.