5 Proven Marketing Techniques You Must Know

Modern people spend many hours a day online, chatting, checking emails, watching videos and playing games. Social networks significantly influence public opinion and consumption behavior. Therefore, digital marketing strategies are widely used nowadays. They are much more efficient than traditional measures.

These innovative techniques are cost-efficient, viral, immediate and nonintrusive. They help small businesses to compete in tough market segments, engaging worldwide clients, sending personal emails to your target audience. Efficient marketing techniques increase sales productivity and ROI within short time periods. So, let’s check which ones are trendy and the most successful this year, 2022.

What is Digital Marketing? A Short Historical Sketch

As the internet is becoming essential nowadays, especially for young population, marketing based on digital technologies is primary for modern business. It helps promoting services and goods online, using various mobile devices, displays and other digital media.

The term was introduced in 1990, and since then, marketing techniques made great progress. They started as promotional content sent to customers on floppy disks by SoftAd Group Company in the mid 1980-s, and was transformed to online and web marketing. Therefore, nowadays, mentioning the best digital marketing tools 2022, professionals and amateur marketers offer a list of 4-5 dozens of special online services such as Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. They help businesses to monitor the recent trends, get the relevant statistical data and analyze them, check content for plagiarisms and improve your website images. Meanwhile, let’s talk about efficient marketing techniques and tactics in general.

Digital Marketing Benefits

Advanced digital technologies are beneficial, cutting-edge and customer-friendly. Future belongs to them as they help ordinary people and company managers to take data-based, informed decisions, keep in touch with followers, improve customer experience. There are multiple digital marketing tools for small business that are especially essential, as they help enterprises to survive, getting a substantial competitive edge. Marketing automation is advantageous for modern companies because they help businesses to:

  • Compete with other market actors regardless of the enterprise’s size;
  • Cut advertising and promotion costs;
    get an immediate response;
  • Refine your business strategy;
  • Develop your brand, staying in contact with your target audience;
  • Get worldwide exposure;
  • Encourage your customers to do an exhibition, visit your website, get information about your unique goods and services.

B2B digital marketing strategy is very popular nowadays as it delivers great ROI results immediately. Thanks to content marketing, international exhibitions, webinars and direct emails, multiple companies find reliable business partners and start efficient cooperation. Online messages don’t annoy your recipients, catching their attention quite naturally. You just post relevant content, touching a nerve of your potential and loyal customers, discussing sensitive issues and offering problem-solving solutions. Additionally, you can put a focus on your advantages, using professional email signatures, elegant website design, etc. So, let’s highlight the basic digital marketing tools that are popular nowadays.

Common Digital Marketing Tactics

There are digital marketing tools that are helpful for small business, large and medium-size enterprises.

1.  Content Management and SEO-optimization

Optimizing your website or blog content, you let your customers find your relevant information online and get engaged in corporative events. Therefore, your traffic and sales volumes increase.

2. Social Media

Presence on Facebook or Twitter is a must for every company nowadays. Answering your customers’ questions, providing corporative information, you promote your brand and increase its awareness.

3. Email Marketing

Address your target audience directly, sending personalized, well-designed messages. It’s a popular B2B digital marketing strategy that helps to start negotiations between businesses and often causes successful cooperation. However, don’t forget to add professional email signature to make a good impression on your recipients.

4. Marketing Automation

Software that generates templates, sends emails and performs other repetitive tasks is wide spread and efficient. It helps marketing department people to focus on their critical issues and save productive time, being creative and ingenious.

5. Native Advertising and Online PR

Readers usually consider advertisements posted on social networks to be “native” or corresponding to the platform’s function and form. These messages are not annoying, so they are usually accepted and appreciated. Meanwhile, online PR is used in blogs, publications and websites. These articles look like traditional ones; they are just put on the Web.Marketers use various digital marketing assets for their professional activity. They include infographics, ebooks, website design and social media, personal emails, commercial offers, logos and online brochures. This content is to be well-designed, attractive and performant. Then it certainly catches

Marketers use various digital marketing assets for their professional activity. They include infographics, ebooks, website design and social media, personal emails, commercial offers, logos and online brochures. This content is to be well-designed, attractive and performant. Then it certainly catches attention of the recipients or your target audience, delivering great ROI results.

Ostap is a marketing professional (PMM) with 5+ years of experience in the software industry (B2B and B2C). Having worked with email marketing products and services, Ostap has a deep understanding of various email marketing strategies and solutions.

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  1. It lacks a sixth major tool: the blog. It’s also the most important “keystone” of digital marketing which is intended to be – ideally – on the first page of the search engines, first with Google … The proof: your blog 😉 this omission is probably due to the “nose on the handlebars” effect 🙂

    The blend of blog + social media + email marketing = the winning triplette, as I explain n my blog (in French sorry)

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