Email Signature Management for Google Workspace

Create and manage all your employees' email signatures with our comprehensive Google Workspace email signature management solution.

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Email Signature Management for Google Workspace

Comprehensive email signature management for Google Workspace

Is your team's email signature a chaotic mix of styles and information? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Create, install, and manage email signatures for your entire team with all-in-one Google Workspace email signature management software.

Comprehensive email signature management for Google Workspace

Create a unified email signature design for your entire organization, ensuring consistency and proper representation of your brand in every email message.

Don't get caught up in mindless administrative tasks. Assign Google Workspace email signatures from one place for joiners, movers, and leavers.

Boost marketing and sales conversions by effortlessly adding banners, Pro add-ons, and CTA buttons to your team's email signatures.

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Benefits of centralized Google Workspace signature management

A Google Workspace email signature manager like MySignature can supercharge every part of your business email. Here are just a few benefits Gmail signature management can offer:

On-the-fly synchronization

MySignature provides a user-friendly Dashboard for easy management of your email signatures. Update your department email signatures and synchronize via Google Workspace API for all users in that group.

Enhanced security

Data privacy and security are a top priority for any business. MySignature utilizes the best security measures to ensure that your data remains safe.

Professional unified design

Utilize a range of professional and responsive templates to highlight essential company details and direct people to your hottest offers.

MySignature vs. Google Workspace for email signature management

The MySignature email signature management solution simplifies the process of creating a unified company-wide signature by providing a single application for setup.

Be sure of brand consistency across email clients with custom email signatures that seamlessly function on both desktop and mobile devices.

Gain access to a MySignature centralized email signature template library that is very easy to customize.

Get direct to the inbox. MySignature email signatures have a minimal impact on email deliverability, allowing you to utilize them for cold email campaigns and outreach.

Priority support. Get direct access to our expert support team, ensuring prompt resolution of any technical issues or questions.

Integration & setup assistance. Our dedicated experts will guide you through the seamless integration process, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal setup for your organization.

GDPR compliant. We value your privacy and don’t store and read your emails. MySignature is fully GDPR compliant and takes great care to protect your data.

How does Google Workspace email signature work

Setting up a personalized signature using the MySignature Gmail signature manager is incredibly easy and takes just a few simple steps. Here’s a step-by-step guide for the process you should use:

  1. First, you'll need to go to the MySignature Google Workspace landing page and sign up using your Google Workspace account. Signing up by email or other social media accounts is not supported.
  2. Start creating your first email signature by answering simple questions. Don't worry, you can change the email signature details later.
  3. Subscribe to the MySignature pricing plan and choose how many users (email signatures) you need. One email signature equals one user.
  4. Next, you'll need to connect your MySignature account with your Google account through the Google Workspace Admin Console using our step-by-step instructions. This ensures that the signatures appear correctly and are easy to deploy.
  5. Import users from the Google Workspace Directory to your segment. The segment is the group of users that you manage; you can create additional segments if desired.
  6. MySignature will import some users' information from your Google Workspace to help you get started quickly. However, you can clarify and manually add additional information for your users' email signatures.
  7. Once you're ready, you can deploy your email signatures, and they will be automatically added to your employees' Gmail accounts.

What Our Customers Say About Us

I have had a wonderful experience. MySignature is incredibly user-friendly and highly customizable! Creating a polished professional sign-off for my team was straightforward. A big shout out to the support team for their assistance in helping me set up the signature for my business emails.

I value how MySignature maximizes what would usually be empty space to deliver ample information. I particularly enjoy the design and how user-friendly it is.

I am a huge fan of MySignature! Setting it up is a breeze and it even integrates Canva right into the editor! I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to give their emails a sleek and professional look.

I like the well-designed signature templates by MySignature! Also, your Gmail Email Tracker feature lets me track email activity after sending. For example, whether or not the customer received my invoice.

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Take ownership and control of your Google Workspace email signatures

Take ownership and control of your Google Workspace email signatures

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What is email signature management for Gmail?

Email signature management for Gmail streamlines the process of creating and maintaining consistent email signatures. It allows administrators to centrally control and customize signatures, ensuring brand consistency and compliance. Admins can easily update employee signature contact detail, add social media links, and advanced features may include analytics and promotional banners.

How long does it take to set up company-wide email signatures?

MySignature is an email signature management system that’s designed to be as easy to use as possible, no matter the size of your team. You can connect your Google Workspace account in minutes and put together a unified and branded email signature using our intuitive generator.

Will MySignature break my email security?

We understand that data security and privacy are critical concerns for any organization. That’s why you can rest assured that your data will remain encrypted and protected from unauthorized access.

Will my email signature appear in the correct format on all email clients?

Yes, our email signatures are designed to appear consistently on any device or email client. You can create your email signature on any internet-connected device, and rest assured that it will look great no matter who you send it to or how it’s opened.

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MySignature is the perfect tool for designing professional email signatures for your entire team. Manage your signatures from the Admin Console, utilize a range of templates, and enhance your brand’s authority in the eyes of your customers.

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