Top 25 Best Website Building Tools For Your New Business In 2020

Best website building tools

Hotels, restaurants, online stores, realtors, photographers, food bloggers, musicians, and other people with passion need websites to sell and show their talents to the world. And while businesses, as a rule, can afford to hire a professional web developer to create a website of any complexity, many entrepreneurs and bloggers are tight on budget.

Does it mean they should forget about a website until they accumulate enough money to hire a developer? Of course, no.

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The Secrets of Writing High-Converting Promotional Emails

secrets of writing

It’s no simple feat to sell products through emails without sounding salesy. A promotional email is not an independent element in the process of enticing more customers, it’s a part of a much wider sales strategy. To write an effective promotional email that will boost conversions takes much time and energy. So, I’ve prepared some tips that will help you cope with this challenging task. Continue reading “The Secrets of Writing High-Converting Promotional Emails”

Free, Powerful Inbound Marketing Tools


Doing marketing, promoting unique services and goods and attracting new customers is simultaneously easy and intricately nowadays. In one respect, modern business people are demanding and particular about quality. Catching their attention is a really daunting task. Meanwhile, an abundance of advanced marketing tools helps you to reach the target audience immediately, efficiently and avoiding heavy expenses.

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9 Ways to Improve Your Follow-up Email and Get Job You Want


What is a follow-up email? In a few words, that is a short notice reminding the recipient about yourself. It usually shows your recipients that you are putting in a little more effort than everybody else. Of course, it will interest your addressee and will less likely make them ignore your message. Some people wait to answer until they receive a follow-up email on purpose. It is because they tend to talk only to those who care.

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How to Reach Clients With a Proper Email Signature?


How often have you sent your letters to hundreds of recipients with certainty that all of them belong to your target audience? Every time after dispatch you were sure that the sales rate would increase rapidly or your website would gain more popularity, weren’t you? And how many times after that have you got little or zero response? You may wonder what the reason for that is.

You’ve spent a lot of time creating a letter; you think that you’ve included every significant detail, but the effect still doesn’t satisfy you. The answer is obvious – you simply haven’t caught your recipients’ attention. The letter hasn’t interested your potential client and has been ignored. It should be a red signal for you and your company: you have to change something in your strategy within the shortest possible time and pay attention to the part you may have been missing before. Continue reading “How to Reach Clients With a Proper Email Signature?”

6 Ways to Screw Up Your Email Signature


A lot has been said about how a proper professional and hyper-attractive email should look like. But what if you have some annoying clients you don’t want to deal with? Or maybe there are some lame customers who keep sending you a lot of spam, and you’ve lost your temper? Get rid of them! If you feel sarcastic, or want to add humor to your correspondence, or you are willing to scare potential customers and reduce their interest to your company, you will find here exactly what you’ve been searching.

So you want to screw up your email? Screw up your signature first! Here is how to do it.

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