How To Build a Strong Personal Brand on Social Media in 7 Steps


Through the years, personal branding has emerged as a perfect way to establish credibility and authority in the digital landscape. More than ever, people now realize that branding is no longer restricted to celebrities and businesses. Today, it has shifted to a personal level. Every individual, whether they are associated with a business or not, can work towards developing a strong personal brand image to keep their audience engaged and interested.

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Hot email marketing trend predictions for 2023

Copy of Essential Visual Identity Elements to Build a Memorable Personal Brand

With the online world changing a mile a minute, keeping up with evolving technologies comes as a real challenge. The 2023 year is just days away, so it’s high time to look ahead and figure out what’s going to happen with email marketing that soon. The more you know about emerging trends, the easier it is to plan your strategy and predict possible outcomes. In view of this, I’m going to describe 5 directions in which you can move to stay fresh in the tricky email marketing industry. Continue reading "Hot email marketing trend predictions for 2023"

Choosing the Right Color for Your Email Signature


The perfect and brilliant email signature design is important for the final messaging results. It may be decisive, making the first, basic impression about your honored company and the author. Upon opening the letter, the recipient notices your visual brand immediately, catching the general mood and ambiance of the business.

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