How to Create a Brand Strategy that Reflects Your Unique Vision

How to Create a Brand Strategy that Reflects Your Unique Vision-st

You surely know the situation when a person (or even you) is willing to pay more for a product from a particular brand than for the same item from another seller. A well-known clothing brand Lacoste is a good example. People pay $60-100 for a polo festooned with the Lacoste alligator, while a similar polo can be purchased twice or even trice cheaper. Many customers are ready to pay extra because they associate Lacoste with prestige and sophistication.  Continue reading “How to Create a Brand Strategy that Reflects Your Unique Vision”

Business Email Etiquette: The Best Rules And The Worst Mistakes

Business Email Etiquette

The average office worker receives over 120 and sends 40 emails per day. However, experts say that lots of professionals still don’t follow business email etiquette rules and often find themselves in awkward situations. Of course, there are many ways to write an email, but by knowing email etiquette basics, we can avoid confusion, missed opportunities, and miscommunication.

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How to Do Landing Pages Properly in 2020

How to Do Landing Pages

Digital marketing and online marketing is all around us nowadays and with good reason, seeing as it’s cost-effective and it’s a really contemporary way with billions of features and opportunities to help you get your brand’s name “out there”.

So, you’ve got your email marketing and marketing automation platforms, you’ve got your online forms and your online form design game is strong, you’ve even got some social media influencers helping you out with getting viral.

But do you have a lead gen game that is stellar? And is there a landing page to support your marketing strategies?

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Email Marketing for Authors

Email marketing for authors

Does email marketing matter to authors? Can you sell more books with email marketing?

Well, if you are reading this article, chances are that you are wondering whether email marketing matters to you as an author and whether you can use it to sell more books. Either way, you are not lost. This is perhaps the right place you’ve just come to.

In this article, you will learn what email marketing is, where to get started, and how to get subscribers, etc.

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