How to Use Cold Outreach to Build Your Personal Brand

Cold Outreach for Personal Brand

Building a personal brand is now non-negotiable for any sales rep out there. What’s the first thing a new contact does? Check your LinkedIn.

This means you need to make sure your reputation online is stronger than that of your rival sales reps. Remember, building your personal brand is not about selling – it’s about connecting and developing relationships.

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Business Email Etiquette: The Best Rules And The Worst Mistakes

Business Email Etiquette

The average office worker receives over 120 and sends 40 emails per day. However, experts say that lots of professionals still don’t follow business email etiquette rules and often find themselves in awkward situations. Of course, there are many ways to write an email, but by knowing email etiquette basics, we can avoid confusion, missed opportunities, and miscommunication.

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Email Marketing for Authors

Email marketing for authors

Does email marketing matter to authors? Can you sell more books with email marketing?

Well, if you are reading this article, chances are that you are wondering whether email marketing matters to you as an author and whether you can use it to sell more books. Either way, you are not lost. This is perhaps the right place you’ve just come to.

In this article, you will learn what email marketing is, where to get started, and how to get subscribers, etc.

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