Email Marketing for Authors

Email marketing for authors

Does email marketing matter to authors? Can you sell more books with email marketing?

Well, if you are reading this article, chances are that you are wondering whether email marketing matters to you as an author and whether you can use it to sell more books. Either way, you are not lost. This is perhaps the right place you’ve just come to.

In this article, you will learn what email marketing is, where to get started, and how to get subscribers, etc.

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How to Create the Best Thank You Email After an Interview

Best thank you email after interview

You just finished a job interview. Now what? You can either take a deep breath and patiently wait for a response, or take some extra steps to increase your chances of getting the position. No, don’t run to delete pictures of yourself drinking alcohol with friends acting wild and crazy. You should have done this before you even start job hunting. One of the most underutilized tools that jobseekers often ignore is a thank-you email.

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How an Eye-Catching Email Signature for Freelancers Can Increase Your Income

How an Email Signature for Freelancers Can Increase Income

In a world where digital marketing is becoming increasingly important, digital marketing efforts are becoming increasingly important as well. Email marketing, in particular, is an integral part of digital marketing efforts. This means that everything ranging from the content in the email to the structure of the email are things that have been picked apart and discussed by marketing analysts.

If you are a fortune 500 company, employing an army of marketing professionals to dissect and alter each aspect of your marketing campaign is feasible and possibly even profitable. However, small business owners and freelancers are not afforded the same luxury, given their tight marketing budgets.

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How to Create Effective Promotional Emails and Avoid Spam Folder

While it is easy to create promotional emails, making sure that they don’t end up in the subscriber’s spam folder can be a challenging task. The list of criteria used to judge the ‘spamminess’ of an email is a long one. Additionally, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have waged a brutal war against spammers, and like any war, even the genuine email marketers get caught in the crossfire.

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Proper Email Signature Is The First Step to Building A Successful Business

Proper Email Signature for Business

When building your brand’s online image, every little detail counts. Even as little as your email signature. Many businesses don’t pay enough attention to creating professional email signatures. Meanwhile, adding something as basic as a link to your website to your email footer can already make a huge difference. Continue reading “Proper Email Signature Is The First Step to Building A Successful Business”

Metrics for Measuring the Effectiveness of Email Marketing

Email marketing has become an effective and flexible tool for promoting your product or services. If carried out properly, it helps attract and retain customers by allocating the minimum budget.

According to recent  Email Usage Statistics in 2019 report, the U.S. workers will receive an average of 126 emails a day. 59% of B2B digital marketers believe that compared to other marketing channels, email is one of the most efficient in regards to revenue generation. Continue reading “Metrics for Measuring the Effectiveness of Email Marketing”

3 Key Principles of Effective Email Marketing

email marketing

While concentrating fully on all that search engine optimization process that seems to be real “rocket science” as well as on social media marketing, sometimes we forget that one of the oldest and most-efficient tools in Internet marketing is sending out emails.

A simple email letter has potential to increase sales rates, to raise brand-awareness, and build a more close connection with your prospects and customers. However, you should follow three core principles in order to implement this marketing strategy successfully. Continue reading “3 Key Principles of Effective Email Marketing”

Learn to recognize phishing emails in your inbox

phishing email

In 2018, IBM Security together with Ponemon Institute published the results of their research regarding data security. They found out that compared to 2017 the cost of data breach increased by 6.4% and accounted for $3.86 million. And an interesting fact is that 90% of all data attacks were initiated through phishing.

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