How to Create Efficient Email Signatures? 7 Tips for Success

A beautiful, impressive email signature is a must for modern professionals. If you are an online marketer, a freelancer, a candidate to a relevant position or a digital agency employee, you need to impress your recipients, bringing up their positive emotions. A professional, classy signature helps you to highlight your company image, your digital identity, to cause high, immediate ROI results, to encourage fast response from potential customers, buyers and employers.

It takes you only up to 5 minutes to create signature online, and you certainly stand out from multiple competitors, make a good impression on your addressees, spark their interest in your unique goods or services. Meanwhile, it’s not easy to make modern business people to read any message; so there are some secrets how to succeed in online marketing.

  • Keep the Signature Simple and Short

Modern people are always in a hurry; we use smartphones, communicate, read messages and settle urgent matters on the go. Therefore, generating an email signature online, remember about your target audience perception, needs and business priorities. Include only essential elements, such as your name, title and contact details. Getting a free email signature, add your phone numbers and website. Meanwhile, experienced marketing experts recommend not to specify your email address as it is already available in any message.

  • Be Consistent

The colors, company logo, style and fonts are to be identical, so your email will be credible and memorable. Subtle colors and fine graphical elements are congenial for multiple industries and for business in general. Minimalistic approach and formatting is beneficial for speedy considerations. That way you highlight your lofty style and true taste. So, use a powerful, reliable email signature generator that is based on excellent, professionally developed templates.

  • Add a Logo and Your Picture

Use your personal colorful picture to make your signature attractive and emotional. This option is offered by free email signature services, so, it’s easy and affordable. Meanwhile, the images should be fast-load, high-definition, professional and appropriate. For example, the background is to be clear, neutral and contrasting with your silhouette, you are to look well-dressed, positive and business-like.

  • Use Only Relevant Images and Information

When you create email signature, remember about the time limits. Avoid quotes, videos, outdated information. Check that you contact details are true and correct. Your picture is to be taken during the last year or so. Otherwise, your customers or colleagues could misrecognize you when you meet or be too surprised for successful negotiations.

  • Customize Your Signature

Modern email recipients are sick and tired of multiple similar, meaningless messages. Be creative to stand out from low-performing competitors and other letter senders. Mention the benefits of using your services, generate bright, innovative ideas. Bring out your recipients’ emotions, take into account their needs, business realities and secret wants. Consider your business particularities and the purpose of communication. Meanwhile, a free email signature generator, offering you some professionally designed templates, lets you customize them according to your daunting business tasks.

  • Get Social

Social media networks are essential nowadays; so many companies use them for building their brands loyalty. The enterprises that are present on Facebook or Twitter, are considered reliable, reputed and advanced. So, adding some icons with the corresponding links is usually a good practice.

  • Use powerful software and professional services

Therefore, professional designers create attractive templates that please every person, making a good impression. Using a powerful, advanced email signature generator, you avoid multiple mistakes and failures. A nice-looking, elegant signature calls customers’ attention to your goods, business and activities. These marketing tools are often neglected by online marketers, but they are really successful and cost-efficient.

Creating an email signature, be professional and convincing, use attractive images and minimalistic approach. Beautiful, consistent messages are usually noticed by potential customers and initiate successful, mutually beneficial cooperation.

Helga is a CMO at MySignature and digital marketer with 7+ years of experience. Having worked in numerous industries she has a deep understanding of various markets and a variety of tools as well as growth hacking techniques that can boost marketing activity in a particular sphere.

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  1. I confirm: having a “simple and short” mail signature is important to be efficient in your business.

    Too often I see signatures overloaded with useless information (see Spare us the e-mail yada-yada) and counterproductive that just drown out useful information

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