12 Tips for Creating a Compelling Email Signature

Email correspondence is an inevitable part of every business. Both the beginning and the closure of each electronic letter play a significant role in the formation of successful business relationships between partners, producers, and customers. It creates the first impression for the recipient. Being positive, it influences your business correspondingly and creates a good network of potential clients.

Taking this into account, a person should devote some time to a proper thinking while creating an email signature. It will also save your time in your everyday life.

These days, it is possible to create a signature online, using signature makers. These are specific programs (websites) that generate HTML signatures according to your demands. With the help of online email signature maker, or, in other words, email signature generator, you can save your time during all future email conversations. Using this business resource, you benefit from owning a free email signature, made by professional designers (the templates for email signatures are created by experts, as you may guess).

So how exactly can email signature generator help you in creating a compelling email signature?

What should we start with while working with this free business instrument? What is important to remember? Which points should you consider first?

Each email signature generator has a permanent base with professional signature templates. They have been developed by experienced designers and do not demand any programming knowledge to be filled in. Your task is simple – you choose an attractive and most suitable template for your company or brand, fill in all the necessary contact information, follow each step and at the end get the signature which is ready to use. All together it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes or even less.

The best email signature templates are flexible ones. If you do rebranding of your company pretty often or if you simply do not want to get stuck in the routine, you might need to change the look of your signature now and then. To avoid choosing a new template every time, you can choose one of the flexible ones existing in the base, and use it for some longer period. Also, keep in mind that sometimes you may need to alter your signature for different recipients depending on the goal of communication.

However, using free signature templates is not enough to make your signature eye-catching and memorable.

To increase the effectiveness of your letter, you should consider several points about signatures and take into account the following 12 tips:

  1. Make your signature match your brand color, font, and style. It will give the recipients the idea of your personality and let them understand your business better.
  2. The logo of your company and hyperlinks should be an important part of your email signature. Do not forget to include them.
  3. Make the signature visually attractive. Do it with taste. Do not use the variety of fonts and sizes. It doesn’t look professional. Keep the signature in one style with your letter.
  4. Do not include your email address in your signature. It looks like greeting the person twice - it is unnecessary and creates an ambivalent impression.
  5. Include only relevant and essential contact information. Meanwhile, make sure the person will be able to reach you in any convenient way. Including your name and last name, job title, company name, telephone number, website and links to corporate profiles in social networks (if there are any) will be more than enough. The minimalist approach is adequate for most business needs.
  6. Remember that including an appealing personal photo makes your signature more valuable.
  7. Take into account mobile optimization of your signature. Most busy people tend to read their correspondence on-the-go. Therefore consider the size and format. It should be easily opened on any mobile device.
  8. Avoid using bullet points in your email signature. In this case, they are completely unnecessary and look strange.
  9. Do not use out-of-date information. Save videos or quotations for other purposes. Avoid using too much content either. All of this looks distracting, overloading and unprofessional. People’s time is limited.
  10. Simplify your codes and design to the minimum. It makes the reader concentrated without scattering of attention. Keep in mind that genius lies in simplicity.
  11. Keep the colors simple. Try not to use more than two. Avoid distracting ones. Pay particular attention to the background color. Check the colors on your software before sending the letter. Screen differences may sometimes distort the initial shades.
  12. Remembering about the proper format is also very important.

Take care of email signature formatting

  • Your company logo should be above your slogan on the left
  • Your first and last name should be on the right
  • All the rest information should be below your name on the right in the
  • following order: phone, mobile, website, social networking icons (better put them in a row)

Do not spam your customers and try to remain both interesting and professional in their eyes. Always keep your emails appropriate for the audience you are trying to reach. Remember that time is money, so offer your potential customers the information most shortly and efficiently. They will appreciate clear and distinctive lines, no matter what device they use for reading your emails.

A smart approach to your business will help you earn more, and signature generators are one of those tools that optimize the processes, especially when we talk about free ones. You can find more tips about email signatures and online signature generators here.

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